How to use iSCSI Targets on Windows Computers

This article will guide the administrator into mounting an iSCSI Target from the Synology DiskStation onto a Windows-based computer. Please make sure that an iSCSI Target has been created on the DiskStation and is ready for use.

Mounting iSCSI Targets on Windows

Note: Modern Windows computers may come with an iSCSI Initiator software already integrated with the operating system, if it is not available, the iSCSI Initiator software from Microsoft is availablehere.

Step 1:
Open the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Software from Control Panel

Step 2:
Click on Discovery

Step 3:
Click on Add Portal...

Step 4:
Enter the IP Address or the DNS Name of the Synology DiskStation, which is hosting the iSCSI Target
Click Ok

Step 5:
After the iSCSI Portal is detected, click on Targets

Step 6:
Select the Target to be used, and click Log On

Step 7:
Click on Advanced if CHAP or any of the Advanced settings are enabled on the iSCSI Target on the Synology DiskStation
Enter the CHAP Credentials if needed
Close the Advanced Settings Window
Suggestion: enable the Automatically restore this connection when the computer starts or equivalent function, so when the computer boots, it will automatically mount the iSCSI Target.
Close the Log On to Target when finished.

Step 8:
The iSCSI Target is now mounted