5 Ways to Shut Down or Restart a Windows 8 Computer or Device5

1. Shut Down Using the Settings Charm in Windows 8

The "traditional" way of shutting down the computer in Windows 8 is via the Settings charm. PressWindows + I on your keyboard and then click or tap Power.
Shut Down or Restart Windows 8
To learn more about Charms in Windows 8 and how to use them, read this detailed tutorial: Introducing Windows 8: What are the Charms?.

2. Shut Down from the Log On Screen in Windows 8

If you find yourself at the log on screen in Windows 8, press the Power button on the bottom right. A menu shows up with the Shut Down and Restart options.
Shut Down or Restart Windows 8

3. Shut Down Using Shortcuts in Windows 8

An alternative is to use the Shut Down and Restart shortcuts we bundled in our huge library of shortcuts for Windows 7.
Shut Down or Restart Windows 8
Most of those shortcuts work also in Windows 8. You can find them here: Download The Biggest Library of Windows 7 Shortcuts.
To learn how to add shortcuts to the Start screen and organize them, I recommend the following tutorials:The Complete Guide to Pinning Everything to the Windows 8 Start Screen and Introducing Windows 8: Group Shortcuts on the Start Screen and Name Them.

4. Shut Down Using the "Shut Down" Menu in Windows 8

If you find yourself on the Desktop and there are no active windows being displayed, you can press Alt+F4on your keyboard, to bring up the Shut Down menu.
Shut Down or Restart Windows 8
Alternatively, you can use the custom shortcut we created for this menu. You can place it on the Desktop or the Start screen.
Shut Down or Restart Windows 8
The shortcut can be downloaded from here: Download the Shortcut for the "Shut Down Windows" Menu.

5. Shut Down from the Command Line in Windows 8

If you are a Command Line geek, you can use the shutdown /s command.
Shut Down or Restart Windows 8
To learn about all the available parameters for this command simply type shutdown in the Command Prompt.