Change Grub by Burg for Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu will surely be left with a grub like this:

Not ugly? What if you could change to something like:

It is perfectly possible by Burg. Burg is a chart based on Grub boot but with the great little detail that supports themes, which we choose to INICA the PC operating system in a way more pleasing to the eye.

I try to install once Burg and the only thing achieved was unable to start the pc and have to reinstall grub

But I found myself an excellent application that facilitates the installation of Burg and its themes, the application is called Burg Manager. As well as some settings such as start times, install and uninstall themes and more importantly, remove burg and reinstall grub2 if we do not like or something goes wrong.

To install Burg Manager follow these steps:

1 - Download and install Buc from here. It is a .deb

2 - Download and install the .Deb Burg Manager from here.

Using Burg Manager

First you have to install Burg , for this is going to Burg Manager and from the interface select "Install Burg". When I first installed it will ask to install unit. Usually choose/dev/sda

The unit is selected by pressing the Tab space and then to move to OK and press enter.

And that's it, the rest is very intuitive, install themes, select the default OS, etc.