BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows (Tested on Win 7)

This method of installation is the simplest available. The assumption is that the you have a Windows installation taking up all the space on your drive, and you would like to resize and repartition your drive to allow a BackTrack install alongside your Windows. BACK UP YOUR WINDOWS INSTALLATION FIRST.

Boot BackTrack on the machine to be installed. Once booted, type in “startx” to get to the KDE graphical interface.
Double click the “install.sh” script on the desktop, or run the command “ubiquity” in console.
Select your geographical location and click “forward”. Same for the Keyboard layout


The next screen allows you to configure the partitioning layout. The assumption is that we are resizing the Windows 7 partition and installing BackTrack on the newly made space
Accept the installation summary and client “Install”. Allow the installation to run and complete. Restart when done.
Grub should allow you to boot both into BackTrack and Windows

Log into BackTrack with the default username and password root / toor. Change root password.
Fix the framebuffer splash by typing “fix-splash” ( or “fix-splash800″ if you wish a 800×600 framebuffer), reboot.